Colour Analysis Kit - Professional

$1,351.00 $1,501.00


We are waiting for drapes - especially to make up the extenders. We may ship a partial kit now, and the balance when we get our supply - hopefully before October! To compensate you for this inconvenience, we have discounted this kit! We deeply apologize for our supply issues.

The Colour Analysis Professional Kit has everything you need for a high-profit colour analysis.

The colour analysis professional kit includes every colour tool!

  • 10 flags
  • Metallics
  • Professional undertone indicators
  • Seasonal indicators
  • Flow indicators
  • Extenders
  • Cape and scarf
  • 10 wallets
  • 10 add-on swatch cards
  • 10 colour strips
  • 10 colour palette assessors
  • Colour dimension assessors - red and green
  • Lipstick Assessors
  • Colour Analysis Reference e-Guide

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