Virtual "Ghost" Colour Analysis for Your Client - 1 Session


Karen will 'ghost' analyze colours for one of your clients.

If you want to provide virtual colour analysis for your client, but you don't want to do the session yourself - Karen will do it for you.

If you just need Karen to advise you on your client's best palette, but do the virtual framing yourself, please use the promo code yellow to get a 50% discount.

"Karen's ghosting virtual colour analysis services has been an asset to my virtual colour analysis service offering. I intend to be a long-term client of Karen's ghosting virtual colour analysis services as this service has provided an extremely high level of value to me and my clients.
I use Karen's ghosting service as a way to tap into Karen's master colour analysis expertise to consult on client submissions/results by way of a second opinion which further enhances my complete confidence with results sent to clients. I also recently have made clients aware that their submission will also be reviewed by Karen and consensus on their results will be arrived at by us both. This decision has eased any client uncertainty on virtual colour analysis (as for some clients, this is a new concept) and it has completely erased any second guessing of results by clients as they know their results were arrived at by two colour analysis professionals.
I highly recommend Karen's ghosting virtual colour analysis services, not only will it provide enhanced value to your virtual colour analysis service offering, but, you more than likely will experience additional advanced learning from Karen using real practical examples." ~ Carol Brailey Image Consulting

How it Works

Send Karen a high-resolution head-shot where your client:

  • is makeup-free
  • is facing full-spectrum lighting or sunlight
  • is wearing a solid colour that contrasts with their hair colour
  • is against a solid background that contrasts with their hair colour
  • has covered their hair with a white scarf if their hair has been coloured

Also send photographs of your client from various ages, especially those with their original or natural hair colour. Everything can be sent in google docs.

If Karen does the virtual framing for you

Karen will choose the best photo and apply it to 15 - 25 different colour tiles, with an explanation of your client's undertone, season and flow. 

You will receive jpegs of the photo in:

  • 3 sets of colours comparing cool and warm (6 tiles)
  • 3 sets of colours comparing two seasons (6 tiles)
  • 3 colours showing a flow 1 palette overview

If you do the virtual framing

Choose the best photo and apply it to the full range of colour tiles. Submit your virtual colour analysis to Karen using google docs, as outlined above.

Colour Swatches

You can purchase colour swatch wallets separately for your clients at

Or get the License for Colour Palettes at