Colour Analysis Virtual


Discover your 'wow' colour palette. Karen can do your Virtual Colour Analysis.

Karen is a master at colour analysis, and can guide you in the right direction to the colours that suit you most. We will choose the best photo that you send us and apply it to different colour frames, with an explanation of your undertone, season and flow.

You will receive jpegs of your photo in:

  • colours comparing cool and warm
  • colours comparing seasons
  • colours comparing home season with a flow

You will also receive:

  • your personal Zoom background palette
  • a digital download of your best palette

Please follow these guidelines for your virtual colour analysis.

Send us a high-resolution head-shot where you:

  • are makeup-free
  • are facing full-spectrum lighting or sunlight
  • are against a solid background that contrasts with your hair colour
  • or if your hair is coloured, it is wrapped in a white scarf or towel

Also send us photographs from various ages, especially those with your original or natural hair colour.

We will send you your Personal Colour Portfolio within one week. If you would also like to purchase your personal colour swatch wallet, you can find them at

"I wanted to thank you again…and tell you what a difference [the consultation] has made in my life. I have enjoyed feeling & looking my best … color clarity has given me greater confidence that I can feel inside & out… You are making a real difference in peoples lives just like me. Every day, since meeting you, I feel the truth in my appearance. Being authentic is a big deal to me; I relish in my new ability to highlight that authenticity with how I appear. It's real harmony, and it makes me feel so happy inside I almost can't stand it!" ~ Jacqueline