Extender Drapes


Add value to your colour consultation with Extender Drapes.

Once you have analyzed the palette, use the extenders to demonstrate a full range of colours. 120 fabric colours are divided onto 10 rings organized by season and flow:

  • True Winter
  • True Spring
  • True Summer
  • True Autumn
  • Cool (the palette between Winter and Summer)
  • Warm (the palette between Spring and Autumn)
  • Deep (the palette between Winter and Autumn)
  • Light (the palette between Spring and Summer)
  • Bright (the palette between Winter and Spring)
  • Muted (the palette between Summer and Autumn)

The size of each drape is 14" x 17.5" | 36cm x 44cm.

The drapes come in a variety of fabrics, however wherever possible we source poly-cotton.