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Style by Karen Brunger is a reference book for image consultants and stylists to analyze body types and choose the best styles.

This 124-page detailed resource covers how to apply the elements of design to dress women and men.

Style includes information for all genders on:

  • body image
  • detailed applications of design elements
  • systems for defining and dressing
    • height
    • bone structure
    • somatotype
    • silhouette
    • facial shape
    • personal texture
    • proportions

"Style by Karen Brunger BHEc, AICI CIP, is an amazing resource to understanding body types and dressing to your specific type. The depth of information in Style goes above and beyond my expectations. For anyone wanting to be the best they can be in world of fashion this book is a must. There is so much power in how we show up, and Karen teaches us these tools in a simple and easy to understand format." Stacey Aarssen, Up Your Game.