Colour Swatch Wallet - summer


Due to a high demand, our Wallets are currently on pre-order with an estimated dispatch time of 2 weeks. Our team will be working hard assembling them by hand. Order now to secure your spot in line!


After a colour analysis, the Summer colour wallet is a reference guide for your wow colours.

The Summer colour wallet has 36 fabric swatches with a range of the best colours for a person with True Summer colouring. The Summer colour palette is cool and muted.

How to use your wallet:

To get the most out of your wallet, we suggest using it as a point of reference to find colours that blend well together and harmonize with the swatch colours included, rather than seeking an exact match. You can ask, does the colour you are comparing look like it belongs with those in the wallet?

Please note that the colour names shown in the wallet may not correspond with the colour of the swatches, as they are provided just as an example of some of the hundreds of colour names that belong to this palette. Swatch colours are constantly changing based on availability and do not match picture shown.