Colour Analysis Kit - Professional


Due to high demand, our flags and wallets are currently on pre-order with an estimated dispatch time of 2 to 3 weeks. Our team is working diligently, sewing them to the highest quality standards, and we hope to resume normal shipping times shortly. If you require the remainder of your kit in the meantime, please just leave us a note when placing your order.

The Colour Analysis Professional Kit has everything you need for a high-profit colour analysis.

The colour analysis professional kit includes every colour tool!

  • 10 flags
  • Metallics
  • Professional undertone indicators
  • Seasonal indicators
  • Flow indicators
  • Extenders
  • Cape and scarf
  • 10 wallets
  • 10 add-on swatch cards
  • 23 colour strips** 
  • 23 colour palette assessors**
  • Colour dimension assessors - red and green
  • Lipstick Assessors
  • Colour Analysis Reference e-Guide

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Please note, our fabric colours are constantly changing based on availability and may not match the pictures shown.

**Orders placed prior to 5/19/24 at legacy pricing include 10 colour strips and 10 palette assessors